6 months at sea…alone

BOATinpetersyardTomorrow Peter Cosmann’s dream of sailing solo and unassisted around the world will be one step closer to coming true. What does solo unassisted mean? He will never touch land, he will use only his sails for power, no one can board his vessel, he can not receive any new supplies or provisions once he sets sail. In other words, he will be completely solo and completely relying on Mother Nature to power his boat, feed him with fish and not shipwreck him in a moment of fury. Like most extreme adventures, the average person thinks he must be crazy to want to spend 6 months on a 43 foot boat being thrown around in horrific weather conditions and unforgiving seas while fending for his position and his life alone. Even if Mother Nature decides to give him a break as he passes around Cape Horn, only time will tell how he adapts mentally and physically throughout this journey. I am excited to be embarking on the adventure of documenting Peter’s trip and creating a film from the cameras that will be placed on Peter’s boat. 1 year from now, I hope to have a film that truly captures the spirit of Peter’s transforming journey.

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