Campus Drinking Culture – What do we really know?


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Just finished working on a very interesting video for a group of BC Universities about campus drinking culture. They wanted to answer questions like: What’s it really like? Can it be shifted? Is it overblown by the media? Is it used as a catch all blame for unacceptable behaviour? The scope of this project didn’t allow me to delve deep into some of the stories of people it referenced but it did open up some very interesting questions around the culture of campus drinking.  The objective  of the video was to start a dialogue and take a hard look at the current drinking culture on BC’s campuses and start to explore how we can begin to shift the culture away from some of the harmful rituals and practices in support of more positive, safe ways to drink.

One question that I found interesting was “Do horrific stories of tragedy in the news, affect a drinking culture?”  The answer is – not really. Although I have to think that the recent letter posted by the rape victim of Brock Allen Turner did touch some nerves with its honest, raw account of what happened and hopefully clarified that drinking is not an excuse for any type of bad behaviour but more importantly should NOT be used as a scapegoat for RAPE. If you haven’t read the article, here it is again:  agree.

I’m loving that in my new exploration into the world of documentary film making that I am being exposed to new topics and meeting super smart, interesting people that are a wealth of profound knowledge and enlightenment.

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