In The Blink of an Eye – Documentary

Well this is exciting, my short  documentary film will be premiering at the @WhistlerFilmFestival, Dec 4, 2016. And today I just learned that it received an Award of Distinction at the Canadian Shorts Film Festival too.

Extreme Whistler athlete, Don Schwartz discovers 25 years after a tragic helicopter crash, that although he has learned to live with the 3rd degree burns to his face, he has been hiding a deeper pain. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for extreme mountain athletes to experience tragedy and loss of fellow adventurers but what is less common is the ability to truly face the deep scars that are left inside. The story uncovers how Don’s psychological issues are revealed unexpectedly through an unconventional piano session and follows his treatment for PTSD. The final test of his recovery is revealed when he attempts to take control of his fears by learning to pilot his own helicopter.


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