Jay Peak Resort_Magazine Design

Jay Peak is one of those clients that you cherish. As Creative Director for their bi-annual magazine, I really had an opportunity to stretch my creative weirdness. The Zebracowmoose was inspired by blending Dali and Monty Python themes. Each issue has its own flavour of artistic style and narrative that makes you go wtf?

Whistler Blackcomb 50th_Ad Campaign Development

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Whistler Blackcomb is another client that I worked with for over 10 years during my time at Origin Design. We had a lot of fun creating campaigns for everything from skiing/snowboarding to the bike park to special top secret projects. The 50th anniversary was the last campaign that I worked on and managed to get all the legends together for a super fun photo shoot in the peak to peak gondola barn. That was definitely a highlight in my career. Wayne Wong was even there!

Taos_Brand Creative Development

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Taos has a unique soul and spirit that made creating their brand creative a pure joy. With the crew at Origin Design & Communications, we visited Taos for a brand envisioning session and then came home to Whistler where we created a fully integrated brand campaign. Elements included a new website, print advertising, on-line advertising, an